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THE NEW AQUABlu BY KINETICO - Special Introductory Offer (normal price £965 inc VAT)

£895 including VAT, Delivery

£945 including VAT, Delivery & 15mm Fitting Kit


Out Of Stock - Please Call For Other Options:

KINETICO MINI K B HF - SUPPLY ONLY with return to base warranty; 
1 year labour & 2 years parts;

£799 including VAT & Delivery

£825 including VAT, Delivery & 15mm HE Fitting Kit

£845 including VAT,  Delivery & 22mm HF Fitting Kit 

The Kinetico Mini K B is now only available as a HF (High Flow) model in limited numbers - For a HE (Gravity Hot Water & Combi Boiler) application, see the new Kinetico AQUABlu.

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KINETICO 2020c - The Affordable Premium Non-Electric Water Softener

Enjoy The Luxury Of Silky Soft Water With The Worlds Smallest Non-Electric Water Softener By Kinetico From UKh2o

We Offer:

  • The worlds smallest non-electric water softener
  • Only high quality water softening products
  • Manufacturers full labour & parts warranties
  • Complete after-sales service
  • We offer domestic products with up to 10 year warranties
  • Our own factory trained, qualified and authorised installers & service engineers
  • Rent a Kinetico water softener (geographical conditions apply) - Please contact to find out more
  • Trade-in your old water softener - we are happy to consider your old water softener as a trade-in against a new Kinetico water softener - Please contact to find out more

We pride ourselves on our industry and product knowledge and welcome the chance to help you make informed decisions on the best solutions for your hard water issues.

We supply water softeners for DIY installations as well as a complete installation service systems by our own engineers. You can have as much support and help as you require. We are just an e-mail or phone call away.


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Explanation Of The Softener System

Water passes through the internal cylinder of the softener unit where high quality resin beads collect the hard water salts. The softened water is then passed back into the system for use around the house.
After a time the resin beads become full and must be regenerated.
A brine solution is drawn up from the tank and passed over the resin beads in the cylinder. This releases the hard water salts which are then flushed away leaving the resin ready to begin its collection again.
The regeneration process is fully automatic and takes place on-demand or over night depending upon the design of the water softener.

Fitting Kits For UKh2o Water Softeners

No matter how good the softener, if it is not installed using quality fittings, problems causing poor performance and water starvation can occur.
We only supply quality fitting kits.
Our fitting kit contains only the best quality, full bore fittings and several items often only supplied as optional extras.

Why Choose A Water Softener From UKh2o?

Unlike many companies UKh2o supply everything you are likely to need - main softening unit, all necessary parts for installation and even drinking water filters. We supply only the highest quality appliances that have been designed & approved to UK water regulations. Our water softeners carry two, three or ten year manufacturers warranties depending upon the product selected. If you have limited space, we can supply a bespoke unit!

Though a complete package, there is still a choice – type of water softener most appropriate for your lifestyle & installation and we have a wide range of upgrade taps and drinking water filters or drinking water station.

Remember, Our Water Softeners:

  • Include the worlds smallest non-electric water softener
  • Are designed to fit under kitchen work surfaces and sinks
  • Offer maximum performance for minimum space loss
  • Are supplied complete with fitting kits 
  • Are easy to handle Block Salt water softeners

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