Sediment Traps

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UKh2o Mini Trap

This mini trap is designed to trap plaster & clay:

  • Replaces conventional under sink traps
  • Water in drain line stays in bowl
  • Tool Free, clean hands maintenance
  • Oversize lock makes bowl removal easy
  • Height: 186mm to top of fittings
  • Bowl diameter: 161mm at widest point
  • Its small size means it does not use up much of the cabinet space

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All household and commercial sinks in studios, workshops, kitchens, washrooms and bathrooms are equipped with waste traps which are located beneath the sink. With capacities ranging from 0.5 litres to 3.7 litres, the Gleco Trap is designed to stop sediment and particle debris entering the internal drainage system, which when blocked can be extremely inconvenient and expensive to rectify. At the same time, the Gleco Trap was designed to prevent unpleasant odours and noxious gases from waste materials escaping back into the room. 
The Gleco Trap is intended for use in a variety of applications such as medical, dental and optical laboratories & workshops, the jewellery industry, pottery supplies and ceramic studios and similar areas involving concentrations of solids such as plaster, clay, paint, resin, sand or loss of valuables down the drain such as gem stones and precious metals. The trap was created specifically with easy, quick maintenance in mind, so that down-time is minimised (2 minutes) without any mess and with a new UK fitting kit these compact traps are even easier to install.
Each trap is hand assembled and then runs through state-of-the-art testing to ensure that you receive the best quality product.

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The Gleco Trap Compact Kit is an innovative, inexpensive solution to messy, hard-to-clean, heavy to move, foul smelling sediment tanks & traps. Our new  installation kit makes it even easier to install.

The Gleco Trap Compact Kit provides you with an economical sediment waste trap that is easily installed and maintained. The unit is connected below the sink and collects solids in a bottle, which has a fill line. When the solids reach the fill line, the trap is drained through a valve. The bottle is then exchanged with a replacement bottle, the valve shut and the trap is back in service.
Bottle exchange is rapid and done without the need of any tools in less than 2 minutes. Most of all, there is no mess and less chance of water spillage.

The Gleco Trap Compact Kits are available in the following sizes:
UKST005  0.5 Litre - Available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
UKST012  1.2 Litres - Available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
UKST037  3.7 Litres - 

Each Kit Contains:
(2) Bottles
• (1) Lid
• (1) 1½“ x 200mm sink tailpiece
• (1) 1½“ trap tailpiece
• (2) 1½“ slip-joint washers
• (4) 1½“ slip-joint nuts
• (1) 1½“ flat washer
• (1) 1½“ x 1¼” Adaptor
• (2) O-Ring
• Complete Fitting Instructions

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**NOTE** You must have at least 330mm space (368mm recommended) from centre of drain outlet to floor or base of sink cupboard to use this kit. This kit easily fits most standard sink cupboards. Additional dimensions included in detailed description.

UKh2o are sole distributors of the Gleco Trap product range for the UK, Ireland and Europe

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UKh2o Stainless Steel Sediment Traps

The UKh2o all stainless steel (EN 1.4301 grade) sediment traps are constructed for durability, hygiene and professional appearance.

Suitable for laboratories, hospitals, dental labs etc

These traps simply screw straight on to the Ø38mm sink drain spigot - what could be simpler?

  • A quick-release container allows quick and easy disposal of captured materials
  • Ø38mm threaded top inlet and reversible left or right outlet fittings
  • 13 litre sediment capacity
  • A unique combined release-bar and handle  ensures rapid, safe waste disposal

UKST130SS sediment trap  provides highly effective separation of finer residues but also heavy metals. 
Additional wall support is provided via adjustable cantilever brackets.

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UKST030SS (3 litre) stainless steel sediment trap is suitable for use in environments with lower capacity requirements.

UKh2o 7.5 Litre Capacity Sediment Trap Kits

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UKh2o 7.5 Litre Lightweight Trap Kit

  • Tank constructed of heavy-gauge polyethylene; lid constructed of PVC
  • Size: 318mm high; 254mm wide at top; 178mm wide at bottom (tapered)
  • Lid threaded for 1½" fittings
  • 1½" UK Fitting Kit (not shown)  
  • 7.5 Litre Capacity
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pressure clamp sealing lid and tank requires only hand pressure

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UKh2o High 7.5 Litre Heavy Duty Copper & Bronze Trap Kit

  • Same as above except constructed with a copper tank and cast bronze lid  
  • Size: 318mm high; 254mm wide at top; 178mm wide at bottom (tapered)
  • Lid threaded for 1½" fittings
  • 1½" UK Fitting Kit (not shown)
  • 7.5 Litre Capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Pressure clamp sealing lid and tank requires only hand pressure

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The UKh2o Jumbo Trap Kit (28 Litre Capacity)

  • Large size: 482mm wide x 432mm deep x 381mm high
  • A massive 28 litre capacity
  • Requires less frequent cleaning
  • Saves time
  • No tools required for service
  • Quick disconnect separates tank from sewer line
  • Translucent tank provides easy inspection of sediment level
  • Tank constructed of heavy-gauge polyethylene
  • PVC Lid 

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UKh2o Steel Heavy Duty High Capacity Plaster & Sediment Trap

The UKZ1181P Steel High Capacity Heavy Duty Plaster & Sediment Trap is a very high quality product: 

  • Can be installed on the floor or flush with the floor level
  • It has a very large capacity
  • 1½" or 2" connections
  • Acid resistant coat (internally & externally)
  • Removable sediment bucket (acid resistant)
  • Secondary flow diffusing brass screens
  • Top access cover sealed with a heavy duty gasket
  • A massive 113 litre/minute flow rate

For further information on the UKZ1181P Trap Kits, please contact us by telephone or e-mail by clicking here

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UKh2o Broscillate Glass Laboratory Traps & Dilution Pots

UKh2o Broscillate Laboratory Waste Trap Kits are available in two sizes; 2 & 5 litres.
These traps are easy to install & simple to maintain. Manufactured with a clear broscillate glass collector bowl so that all materials intercepted & contained inside the trap can be clearly seen.

These traps are suitable for use in numerous applications for collection & retrieval of corrosive, dangerous, pollutant or precious materials & chemicals. Applications include:
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Laboratories (commercial, Industrial, government, education etc)
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary Surgeries
If the particular application you are interested is not listed, please contact us for further information on:
0845 1 700 500

UKh2o Broscillate Dilution Pots
We also have a number of broscillate glass dilution pots available with two & three inlet connections anabling connection to banks of laboratory or production sinks (Product information is currently available by e-mail or telephone).

UKh2o Broscillate Glass Traps can also be supplied with fittings for connection to a number of different pipework installations such as:
  • Vulcathene
  • CPV-Zurn
  • Pipex
  • Polypipe